Steven Lee Adams Works

Steven Lee Adams

Steven Lee Adams attended Brigham Young University where he was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in his first semester. In his career Steven has garnered many awards, including a “Best of Show” at The 66th ANNUAL APRIL SALON, Utah’s prestigious art show. This show routinely has well over 1000 entries. Adams strives to portray an elusive feeling of timelessness that lies beneath the surface of what may seem commonplace . . . introspective paintings, urging us to look deeper for the subtleties of nature around us, and the complex world of emotion within each of us. “In painting I see two distinct elements that excite me. The first element is the optical illusion of three dimensions. This represents a personal vision of my world based on the things to which I am drawn. The second is the two-dimensional nature of a painting. I find the juxtaposition of brush stroke, canvas or ground, underpainting, glazing and color, as gratifying as the illusion of space. These elements are abstract, and they seem to connect at a deeper level than just pleasing the eye. The interplay of color, texture and shape can have a stunning impact in its own right.”