Jack Braman Works

Jack Braman
John Paul (Jack) Braman has worked as a full-time professional artist since graduating from the University of Oregon in 1974. Jack divides his time between field study and studio time. He camps along many beautiful waterways of the Northwest, sketching, photographing, and absorbing the light moods. Then back in his studio, he carefully captures the sum of the drawings, mood, lighting and details on canvas or board. Jack works in both acrylic and oil. “I love to paint, and I have to be involved in the scene emotionally in order for it to play out as a painting that works. Everything affects me as I work – the shapes, the weather, the lighting, the fragrances, the sounds, and most of all, the emotional connection of me to the scene before me.” Jack and his wife, Jeanne, currently live on the Grays River in Washington. Jack has exhibited his work in galleries since 1983, and is currently represented by galleries in Bend, Carmel and Sun Valley.