Craig Zuger Works

Craig Zuger

Craig Zuger was raised in a family that spent a great deal of time outdoors, and he found a developing interest in painting the areas he loved. “Most of my time was spent in the High Desert region of Oregon where my inspiration was rooted. As I developed as an artist, I found inspiration in the paintings of Albert Bierstadt, John Gamble, Maynard Dixon and other painters of the western theme.” He is faced with the challenge of how to capture the landscape as it is affected by the atmosphere. Craig’s love of wildlife and his respect for the environment have given him inspiration and a wellspring of subjects to paint in carefully rendered oils. Primarily a landscape painter, Craig often places animals in a scene or he paints the animal as the main focus.

Craig Zuger is a lifelong resident of the Willamette Valley in Oregon where he lives with his wife Yolanda, his most important inspiration, and their brood of animals. The one hundred acre piece of land they own is part of a cooperative project with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the nationwide private landowners “Partners Program” which are helping them to restore the historic landscape and retain their farmland as a wildlife conservation area.

Craig’s images have been published in “Art of the West” magazine, and he is a member of the Oil Painters of America and Landscape Artists International.